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Logo of Mediate BC with the wordmark in blue and a stylized green arc of dots above the letter "t" to represent the concept of mediation.

Conflict Resolution Options (and about mediation)

Mediate BC

This website describes conflict resolution options including mediation. It also provides information about their child welfare initiatives, roster services, and complaints process. The site has a searchable directory of civil, family, and child protection mediators.

Last reviewed July 2024
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Legal Information for Indigenous People

S.H.E.D. Society of Bella Coola

This booklet provides basic & accessible legal information for Indigenous people facing legal issues, incl. the justice systems, children & families, rights & protections, death & taxes, income security, and class actions. It explains how the laws can vary for people based on their Indigeneity.

Last reviewed July 2024
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When You Weren’t Expecting: A Legal Guide for People with Unexpected Pregnancies

Rise Women’s Legal Centre

Provides legal information for people who are unexpectedly pregnant outside of a long-term relationship. It isn’t intended for people who are unexpectedly pregnant while in a long-term relationship or where the pregnant person expects to continue their relationship with the other person during the pregnancy or after the birth of the child.

Last reviewed July 2024
Logo is a multicoloured rounded square with a sytlized "W" in white in the centre. The words "West Coast LEAF" are below.

Separation Agreements: Your Rights and Options

West Coast LEAF

Explains the law about fair division of family property or debt when spouses separate, and what you can do if you believe your agreement is unfair. It explains how to prepare a financial statement for court, how to manage your case and work with a lawyer, and where to get free legal help.

Last reviewed July 2024
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LSLAP Manual: Automobile Insurance (ICBC)

Law Students’ Legal Advice Program (LSLAP)

This chapter on automobile insurance law is from the manual used by law students handling cases at the LSLAP program’s legal clinics. It’s an overview of the legislation, claims for accidents, optional insurance, disputes with ICBC, personal injury claims, and more.

Last reviewed July 2024
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BC CHARMS (for refugee claimants)


Offers important resources and services for refugee claimants in British Columbia. It helps connect refugees with settlement workers who provide information about settling into their new lives and accessing support services.

Last reviewed June 2024
Logo with six rectangles and a circle in six bright colours to represent people, and "People's Law School."

Dial-a-Law: If You’re Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident

People’s Law School

Explains your legal rights and answers common questions if you’re hurt in a motor vehicle accident. It includes information about ICBC benefits, appealing if your claim for benefits was denied, and more.

Last reviewed June 2024
Logo with six rectangles and a circle in six bright colours to represent people, and "People's Law School."

Dial-a-Law: Making a Vehicle Damage Claim

People’s Law School

Explains that insurance may cover the claim if your car is damaged in an accident, or if you damage someone else’s car. Find the answers to common questions relating to vehicle damage claims.

Last reviewed June 2024
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Solution Explorer: Vehicle Accidents

Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT)

This tool asks you simple questions and gives you customized legal information and options based on your answers. Depending on the type of claim, there may be strict requirements or timelines set by law. It will classify your issue and give you the right online application form.

Last reviewed June 2024
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Denied Benefit Disputes


Explains your options if you don’t agree with ICBC’s decision to deny an accident benefit. You can talk to your ICBC support and recovery specialist, resolve your dispute with the Claims Decisions Review, file a dispute with the Civil Resolution Tribunal, or dispute your claim in court.

Last reviewed June 2024