About Us

We gather legal resources in one place to help British Columbians find accurate, understandable information and feel confident in their legal research.

Clicklaw contains plain-language legal resources created by reliable legal information publishers from across the province, all in one place. The site’s content is carefully curated by specialized librarians to answer the legal questions they hear most often from the public. British Columbians can use it to narrow down a legal research problem instead of using a general search engine that produces overwhelming results to sift through.  

Clicklaw was launched in 2009 as the first comprehensive online library of public legal education and information in BC. In 2024, the site was significantly updated to focus on the most common legal issues that British Columbians face. It’s designed for people to find understandable legal information that helps them take the next steps towards resolving their legal problems.  

The website is operated by Courthouse Libraries BC (CLBC), a non-profit organization that also operates 30 libraries for the benefit of the public and legal professionals in courthouse space provided by the provincial government.  

Courthouse Libraries BC’s mission is to support access to justice by providing the public and the legal community with legal resources, librarian expertise, and informed referrals to help people research and manage their own or a client’s legal issues. 

CLBC provides the public and legal professionals with access to comprehensive legal collections and databases and works with public libraries to help them maintain legal collections through the LawMatters program. 

Clicklaw and the Courthouse Libraries BC receive funding and support from the Law Foundation of BC, the Law Society of BC, the Notary Foundation of BC, and the BC Ministry of Attorney General (in-kind support). 

Special thanks to the Notary Foundation of BC for funding the 2024 version of Clicklaw.