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Hate speech and the law in British Columbia

This page answers common questions about hate speech based on the laws that are applicable in BC. Includes discriminatory speech, protected characteristics under the Criminal Code and BC's Human Rights Code, freedom of ...
View website from BC’s Office of the Human Rights Commissioner

Privacy and the BC vaccine card: FAQs

This two-pager tells you how the BC vaccine card and the Public Health Orders work together with the privacy laws in British Columbia. It does so by answering common questions about the implementation and protecting ...
View PDF from Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for BC (OIPC)

Hazardous weather: Important notices on flooding and wildfires

This page has information on federal benefits related to flooding and wildfires. Includes Employment Insurance (EI), Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security, repayment assistance for Canada Student or Apprentice Loan, ...
Also available in: French
View website from Government of Canada

2021 Wildfire Season and Tenancies

Information for landlords & tenants impacted by the 2021 wildfire season & state of emergency. Includes FAQs, before/during/after an evacuation, serving documents, returning to the rental units after an evacuation, ...
View website from BC Residential Tenancy Branch

Now You're Talking!

A compilation of short, illustrated stories featuring likeable characters sharing concerns and information about family law issues.
View PDF from Legal Aid BC

Abuse & family violence

Browse books and resources aimed at helping people who are in or are leaving an abusive relationship. There are specific materials for mothers, immigrants, LGBTQ2S+, and Aboriginal people on reserves. View PDFs online, ...
View website from Legal Aid BC

All About Mediation Infographic poster

A MyLawBC infographic poster that explains what mediation is, why you might want to use it to solve your differences instead of going to court, and where to find a mediator.
View PDF from Legal Aid BC

Scams & identity theft

Practical information on how to identify and protect yourself against various scams, and steps to take if you’re the victim of identity theft.
View website from People's Law School

Migrant workers

View website from People's Law School

Your work status

Practical information on your work status. Learn if you’re protected under BC’s employment standards law, how old you have to be to work in BC, what to watch out for in your employment contract, and common alternative ...
View website from People's Law School