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A Second Chance: A Gladue Rights Story comic book

A Second Chance: A Gladue Rights Story comic book

Co-produced with Indigenous Story Studio (formerly Healthy Aboriginal Network), this graphic novel tells the story of Myra, who is charged with assault with a weapon. Myra learns about her legal rights and, with the help of Legal Aid, gets a Gladue report for her sentencing hearing.

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Legal Aid BC and Healthy Aboriginal Network
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October 2018 i Last date reviewed by a qualified expert to ensure content up-to-date. See "Tips" in Clicklaw content criteria (bottom of pageside menu) for details.
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Gladue, Gladue rights, First Nations Court, Aboriginal, Aboriginal rights, criminal, criminal charges, criminal justice, criminal law, restorative justice, Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC website, Legal Aid BC, Gladue resources, pleading guilty
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