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How do I make a complaint against my lawyer?

Last reviewed in August 2018 by the Clicklaw Editors

Lawyers must meet certain professional standards in their conduct (behaviour) and in the work they do. If you believe your lawyer is not meeting these standards, you can complain to the Law Society of BC. The Law Society is the organization that licenses all BC lawyers, and it also monitors, evaluates, and disciplines them.

Good starting points include:

  • If You Have a Problem with Your Lawyer, from People's Law School, explains what to do if you are having a problem with your lawyer and how the complaint process works.
  • Complaints Against Lawyers, from the Law Society of BC, explains the process of making a complaint about your lawyer and the role of the Law Society.
  • Working with Your Legal Aid Lawyer, from Legal Aid BC, outlines client and lawyer roles and responsibilities in a legal aid contract and what you can do if you have concerns.

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