Common Questions

How can I get the best out of my lawyer?

In order to have the best experience working with your lawyer, you should know what to expect from him/her, as well as what your lawyer expects from you.

Good starting points include:

  • What You Should Expect From Your Legal Aid Lawyer, from the Legal Services Society, describes the role of a legal aid lawyer and what you can do if you have concerns.
  • How to Work Well With a Lawyer, from the Legal Services Society Family Law in BC website, provides tips for working well with a lawyer. It includes how to prepare for meetings, keep records, help the lawyer work efficiently, and follow through on your responsibilities. It also provides a downloadable checklist of all the tips. On the same site is a fact sheet on What You Can Expect From a Lawyer in a family law matter.
  • Working With a Lawyer, from the Law Society of BC, gives tips on what to do before your first meeting, during your meeting, and on keeping your costs down.

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Last reviewed December 2016

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