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Presentation Toolkit and Handouts

Provincial Court Resources for Everyone

Clicklaw and the Provincial Court of BC have created four Common Question pages containing summaries of useful & practical online resources in each of the Provincial Court’s major areas of work – family, criminal, small claims, and traffic. Each page includes a link to the PDF handout you can print off.

Use the printable handout from each page or the printable poster (PDF) to easily share it with anyone. Put it up where people can easily see them. Each shows a short URL people can write down or photograph to later access the page and its resources online.

DIY Presentations

Are you interested in distributing information about Clicklaw or even giving a brief 10-20 min. introductory presentation to your audience?

We've developed a Presentation Toolkit with Handouts that will allow you to get started in connecting your audience with the public legal information and services available through Clicklaw.

Download Toolkit & Handouts

Download Clicklaw PowerPoint Download PowerPoint presentation (.pptx)

Download PowerPoint Talking Points (.pdf)

Download Simple One-Page Handout (.pdf)

Download Detailed Two-Page Handout (.pdf)

Can I alter the Toolkit & Handout? Any other questions?

Contact us with any questions about use & distribution -- we'd love to know if you are using our materials!

Last reviewed September 9, 2022


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