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点击法律网站(Clicklaw)是一家供您查找有关 BC 省法律信息的网站,其中包含有关日常法律问题的信息,比如就业、住房和家庭法律等。这些信息均提供了多种语言服务。
但是现在您可以使用点击法律网站(Clicklaw)的求助地圖(Clicklaw HelpMap),在社区里找到帮助您解决法律问题的人士。其中某些服务可提供英语之外的其他语言服务。

本网站所提供的信息均为一般性信息,并非法律建议。如果您需要提供有关某个具体法律问题的建议,请联系律师或法律咨询所。您可以使用点击法律网站的求助地图(Clicklaw HelpMap)查找您所在社区提供的免费或低价法律服务。

English Translation

Welcome to Clicklaw - Chinese Simplified
Clicklaw is a website that you can use to find information about the law in BC. There is information on every-day legal topics, such as employment, housing, and family law. The information is available in many languages.
To get the most out of Clicklaw, you need to be able to read some English, or have a helper with you who can read English.
You can use the Clicklaw HelpMap to find someone who can help you with your legal issue in your community. Some of these services are offered in languages other than English.
At Clicklaw, we work with over 25 trusted organizations in BC that produce legal education and information resources for the public.
View a complete list of the languages available on Clicklaw.

The information on this website is provided as general information and is not legal advice. If you need advice about a specific legal problem, please contact a lawyer or legal clinic. You can use the HelpMap to find free or low-cost legal services in your community.


MOSAIC(务适)是一个多种语言的非牟利机构﹐致力处理在移民和难民安顿下来及融入加拿大社会期间影响他们的问题。MOSAIC 设有一个网站﹐您可在那里搜寻以您自己的语言提供的法律资讯。. 以下是在 MOSAIC 网站上的 简体中文资源



MOSAIC is a multilingual non-profit organization dedicated to addressing issues that affect immigrants and refugees in the course of their settlement and integration into Canadian society. MOSAIC has a website that allows you to search for legal information in your own language. View resources in Chinese - Simplified on MOSAIC's website.