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Abuse & family violence abuse & neglect of older adults; abuse & neglect of people with disabilities; animal abuse; child abuse & neglect; protection orders; violence in relationships Accidents & injuries accidents; libel & slander; negligence Alternatives to court civil issues resolved outside of court; diversion; family issues resolved outside of court Business & non-profits businesses & companies; copyright & trademarks; e-business; non-profit societies; volunteers Cars & getting around cars & driving; drinking and driving; transportation other than cars Children & teens protecting children; rights of children & teens; staying safe; when parents split up; young people & criminal law Consumer buying consumer goods; consumer rights; contracts; credit & loans; identity theft; insurance; liens & problems with payment; scams Courts & tribunals administrative law & tribunals; appealing a decision; criminal court; dealing with orders; documents, forms & records; family court; getting started with your case; presenting your case; small claims; supreme court; traffic court; witnesses & jury duty Crimes & offences charged with a crime; criminal records & pardons; defending yourself in criminal court; drinking and driving; rights when dealing with police; sentencing & parole; tickets & bylaw offences; types of criminal offences Debt bankruptcy; collection agencies; creditors rights & options; debtors rights & options; mortgages Disabilities abuse & neglect; benefits for people with disabilities; deaf community; rights & protection from discrimination Employment domestic workers; employment insurance (EI); getting fired or laid off; workers compensation; workers rights & safety Environment climate change; energy; natural resource use; pollution, pesticides & toxins; sustainable development Family law adoption & birth; child protection/removal; child support; dealing with family breakup; divorce & separation; family agreements; grandparents & other relatives; marriage & common-law relationships; name change; parenting issues after separation; property & debt at family breakup; spousal support Health access to medical records; complaints about a doctor; health hazards; making decisions about medical care; medical coverage; mental health; patients rights Housing, tenancy & neighbours builders liens; buying, owning, selling a home; condominiums & housing co-ops; homelessness; mortgages; neighbours; tenants & landlords Immigrants & refugees domestic workers; immigrating to Canada; permanent residents; refugees; removal from Canada; sponsorship; temporary visas Indigenous Peoples benefits for Indigenous Peoples; families & children; healing from residential school abuse; Indigenous rights; on reserve; violence in relationships Legal help & lawyers collaborative law; dealing with lawyers; finding legal help; legal aid; mediation LGBTQ2S+ human rights & discrimination; same-sex couples Media & internet entertainment & media law; internet Pensions, benefits & welfare benefits for Indigenous Peoples; benefits for people with disabilities; employment insurance (EI); medical coverage; seniors pensions & benefits; tax benefits; welfare; workers compensation Personal planning planning for your future; when an adult needs help Privacy & access to information access to information; privacy rights; requesting records Rights & citizenship citizenship & newcomers; civil liberties; complaints about police, security guards & public authorities; rights & protection from discrimination; voting Seniors abuse & neglect; housing & services; pensions & benefits; planning for your future; when an adult is not capable Taxes & finances banking & managing money; income tax; tax exemptions & tax credits Victims of crime assault; harassment, stalking & sexual assault; protecting yourself from crime; protection orders; victim support & victim rights; witnessing a crime Wills & estates death & funeral arrangements; probating or dealing with an estate; wills Women equality rights; staying safe; violence in relationships