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Law Society of BC

The Law Society of British Columbia is the regulatory body for the BC legal profession and works to ensure that the public is well served by a legal profession that is honourable, competent and independent. It sets and enforces standards of professional conduct for lawyers in BC and brings a voice to issues affecting the justice system and the delivery of legal services.

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Complaints against lawyers

If you are concerned about your lawyer's conduct or believe you have suffered a loss as a result of your lawyer's negligence, you can use this resource to learn more about complaints, discipline and resolutions.
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Complaints about Lawyers' Fees: Fee Mediation Program

This free program is for clients and/or lawyers wanting to resolve fee disputes quickly and efficiently without having to go to court.
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Lawyers and insurance for negligence

The Lawyers Insurance Fund provides professional liability insurance for lawyers who are liable for negligence and ensures that clients receive compensation to which they are entitled.
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Finding a Lawyer

This information offers several suggestions for finding a lawyer to help you with your legal problem. Includes links to the Law Society's lawyer directory.
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Locate lost files and wills

The Law Society of BC of has hundreds of thousands of client files, including wills, taken into possession when law firms have been taken over and through other processes. If you have lost track of your lawyer and need ...
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What to do if a lawyer has stolen client money: Trust Protection Coverage

Since 1949, the Law Society has provided financial protection so that innocent members of the public do not suffer hardship because of the actions of a dishonest lawyer. If your lawyer has stolen money or other property ...
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Guidelines for Calculating BC Limitation Periods

This document was developed by the Lawyers Indemnity Fund of the Law Society of BC, in consultation with the BC Ministry of Attorney General. It gives you a table of limitation period scenarios for BC claims paired ...
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LSBC Tribunal

The LSBC Tribunal is an independent adjudicative body that hears cases related to the conduct of lawyers and lawyer applicants. This website has instructions and guides, forms, information about the complaints ...
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