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Clicklaw Content Criteria & Guidelines

Guidelines for what is on Clicklaw and what is not

Clicklaw mission

Clicklaw features legal information and education designed for the public from over 40 contributor organizations, as well as selected others.

Clicklaw's mission is to provide equitable access to quality legal information, education and help for British Columbians

Clicklaw principles

Everyone has a right to know the law. In fact, it is in everyone’s interests to know the law, as that:

  • empowers individuals and communities to make informed decisions,

  • increases understanding of the justice system, and

  • enables active participation in a democratic society.

Clicklaw selection criteria

Clicklaw includes:

Content that helps British Columbians resolve their legal problems

We give priority to practical resources designed to assist people to:

  • understand their legal rights and responsibilities,

  • obtain or enforce their rights or benefits,

  • avoid or resolve specific legal problems, or

  • be effective consumers of legal services when needed.

Content that enhances public understanding of the laws and the legal system

We also include resources designed to:

  • increase people’s knowledge and understanding of laws and the legal system, or

  • promote analysis and reform of laws and the legal system.

Content that has a British Columbia focus or is relevant to a British Columbia audience

We may include resources produced by organizations in other provinces if they have information about federal laws.

Content that is accessible to the general public or specific communities or target groups

We include resources that are:

  • inclusive or designed to meet the identified needs of the targeted audience, and

  • concise, complete and presented in clear language.

Content that is free or low/nominal cost

We give priority to resources and services that are free.

Content that is produced by non-profit organizations, government, and the legal profession

We may give priority to content produced by non-profit organizations.

Services that provide law-related assistance, information, education, and/or representation services to British Columbians who have a legal issue or need to resolve a legal problem

We include legal services that are:

  • free or low/nominal cost,

  • a core activity of the organization or agency,

  • provided by a qualified person,

  • publicly accessible.

We give priority to services provided through a recognized non-profit organization or government agency.

Excluded content

We don’t include content if it:

  • is primarily intended for the legal profession,

  • is primarily intended to advance the agenda of a political party,

  • is defamatory or discriminatory, or promoting illegal activities,

  • is intended to solicit business for a commercial law firm or legal service, or

  • doesn’t have legal content, e.g. annual reports, marketing materials, order forms, general newsletters about an organization’s activities.


Tips on assessing legal information

What can you do to assess the legal info you find on Clicklaw? What does the Last Reviewed Date mean? Click here to read the Tips for more information.


Clicklaw editors

Applying these content guidelines are Clicklaw co-editors Desy Wahyuni and Megan Smiley of Courthouse Libraries BC. Contact the Clicklaw editors.

Clicklaw Editorial Committee

Providing editorial guidance for Clicklaw are:



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