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NCCABC Indigenous Family & Youth & Advocate

NCCABC Indigenous Family & Youth & Advocate

The Indigenous Family and Youth Advocate is responsible for providing counselling, guidance, support, advice, referrals, education and advocacy for First Nations, Indigenous families and clients involved in child protection issues and other family matters. The Advocate may also act as a coordinator for services required by families, or individual clients, in distress and will work closely with local reserves, or community services in responding to the needs of the families and the children.

Alternatives to court; Courts & tribunals; Family law; Indigenous Peoples
type of service
Legal advice, representation or advocacy; Information or self-help; Counselling or support


Prince George Office Prince George Office

Prince George, BC Prince George, BC
1.855.221.1184 ext. 321
1.250.301.5977 (cell)
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Last updated July 26, 2022