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People's Law School is a BC non-profit organization with recognized expertise in high-quality public legal education and information. It works to help British Columbians recognize the legal aspects of everyday situations and take appropriate action. Services include: reliable, easy to understand information on and; webinars; print resources through Crown Publications; and a Q+A email service.

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Preparing a Will and Estate Planning

Preparing a will is a key step in planning for what happens when you pass away. Learn the essentials of preparing a will and tips for creating an estate plan.
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Being an Executor

A booklet for people who have been appointed as executor in a will. It covers the steps involved in dealing with an estate in British Columbia after a person dies, including how to probate a will. The information is ...
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Preparing Your Will

This publication is for people who are preparing a will in BC. This publication explains how to prepare a will, what to consider when appointing an executor, and next steps after the will is finished. This edition ...
Also available in: French
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Your Duties As Executor

As an executor, you’re in charge of looking after the will-maker’s affairs after they pass away. Before you accept to act as an executor, you should understand an executor’s duties.
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If You Quit Your Job

If you quit a job voluntarily, this affects your legal rights to things like Employment Insurance benefits and compensation you are owed. Learn your rights if you quit your job.
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Separation and Separation Agreements

The end of a relationship is a particularly difficult time. There are so many decisions and issues to sort through. An agreement that records the arrangements can make things easier.
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Neighbour Law

Learn your legal rights and options if you have a problem with a neighbour. This information covers problems involving noise, untidiness, dogs, fences, trees, second-hand smoke, water damage, and trespassing.
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Defamation: Libel and Slander

The law of defamation protects a person’s reputation from harm that is unjustified. Learn what kinds of communication are considered defamatory, as well as the defences to a defamation action.
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If You Are Fired

Generally, your employer can fire you whenever they want. But they need to give you notice, or pay you instead. Among the exceptions: if they fire you for “just cause”.
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When Someone Dies Without a Will

If someone dies without a will, they’re said to have died “intestate”. The law says how their property will get distributed, and who has the right to “administer” their affairs.
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