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The logo features a circle in which three very stylized figures dance with their arms entwined. Around the top of the circle are the words "Cowichan Women" and around the bottom of the circle are the words "Against Violence."

Poverty law advocate and community-based victim services

Cowichan Women Against Violence Society

The Poverty Law Advocacy program provides free and confidential service to people with poverty-related legal issues including human rights, employment, debt and collections, and tenancy. Helps with appealing denials and applying for provincial and federal benefits of all kinds.

Last reviewed March 2024
The logo features an orange, stylized plant with the words "atira" to the right. Under this, and much smaller, are the words "women's resource society."

Poverty law advocate (Vancouver)

Atira Women’s Resource Society

Atira’s Legal Advocacy Program provides a wide array of legal advocacy services to low-income women, with a focus on poverty law matters. The program also offers safe and supportive housing to women and children affected by violence.

Last reviewed March 2024
The logo features the word “FAiR” with the dot over the “i” representing a figure. There are two similar figures each smaller than the other within the largest “i”. Above the word to the left is a stylized mountain range with two peaks, and to the right is an orange sun. Below the word is a splash of blue colours representing water.

Poverty law advocate (Trail)

Trail FAIR Society

Advocacy services for issues including income assistance, disability assistance, maintaining tenancy, Canada Pension Plan, disability, employment insurance, debt, and other income support related programs. Please note, the advocate does not provide legal advice, is not a lawyer and does not cover Family Law concerns.

Last reviewed March 2024
The logo features a circle centred between and slightly above two stylized leaves, all in green, on the left side. To the right, the text "SUNSHINE COAST" is written in uppercase grey letters above the text "Resource Centre" in larger blue letters.

Poverty law advocate (Sunshine Coast)

Sunshine Coast Resource Centre

Free legal information, advocacy, and representation for low-income Sunshine Coast residents. They offer support, guidance, and — where possible — full client representation at hearings and tribunals for issues including income security and income assistance, tenancy issues, benefits, debt and consumer law, CRT, and human rights.

Last reviewed March 2024
The logo features the words “the Shuswap” in small red letters, above the word “family” in large green letters, which is above the word “centre” in large blue letters. To the top right there is a kite, coloured blue, green, red, and orange.

Poverty law advocate (Salmon Arm)

Shuswap Family Centre

Free information, summary advice, referrals, and legal representation for residents of the Shuswap who are struggling accessing other legal resources. They help with issues including income security (disability benefits, CPP, CPPD, EI), residential tenancy (disputes and housing applications), debt, employment standards, and seniors advocacy.

Last reviewed March 2024
The logo features a circular design with a red border and text. Inside the circle, there are three stylized red hands holding various traditional tools and symbols. The text "QUESNEL TILLICUM SOCIETY" arcs around the top of the circle, and "NATIVE FRIENDSHIP CENTRE" arcs around the bottom, all in red capital letters.

Poverty law advocate (Quesnel)

Quesnel Tillicum Society

Gives clear and meaningful information about legal issues, and advocacy and support to people who aren’t eligible for legal aid. Issues they help with include assisting with appeals, documents, attending hearings and preparing for court, and negotiating third party settlements. They provide self-help information, legal research, and referrals.

Last reviewed March 2024
The logo features the letter "U" in dark blue on a pale blue square.

Poverty law advocate (Prince Rupert)

Prince Rupert Unemployed Action Centre

Advocacy services for employment insurance, landlord/tenant, income assistance, Canada Pension Plan (CPP), disability, and employment standards.

Last reviewed March 2024
Circle with brush-like shapes attached and organization name.

Poverty law advocate (Prince George)

Active Support Against Poverty (ASAP)

Advocacy services for low-income people dealing with government agencies, including people with disabilities and people on income assistance. Addresses disability, income assistance, and tenancy issues. Services include information, referrals, help with forms, and access to phones and fax machines. Also free income tax preparation if you qualify.

Last reviewed March 2024
The logo consists of a purple circle with the white letters "CSA" inside it. The letters "C" and "S" are styled in a standard font, while the "A" is stylized to resemble the outline of a house, with the crossbar of the "A" extending to form a horizontal line.

Poverty law advocate (Powell River)

Powell River Community Services Association

Provides free and confidential service to people with legal poverty related issues including applying for provincial and federal benefits, appealing denials, tenancy issues, debt and collections, employment problems, human rights, and more. Also offers help for people struggling with contacting government workers on the phone, and help with forms.

Last reviewed March 2024
The logo shows a wolf’s head in the Pacific Northwest Coast Indigenous art style. It’s coloured red, yellow, and black. The wolf is inside a decorated circle of the same colours and style.

Poverty law advocate (north Vancouver Island)

Sacred Wolf Friendship Centre Society

The Poverty and Housing Programs at Sacred Wolf Friendship Centre offer housing tenancy support and official document forms support (including birth certificates and Status Cards) to the communities of the Mt. Waddington District, especially to Indigenous people experiencing professional barriers.

Last reviewed March 2024