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Find organizations that provide legal help in BC. Most services are free or low cost.

Logo features the text "COURTHOUSE" in brown capital letters on the top line and "LIBRARIES | BC" in blue capital letters on the bottom line. Above the text, there is an abstract design of an open book in blue and grey.

Library services

Courthouse Libraries BC

Provides legal information services to the public via a network of libraries in BC courthouses. Visit our website & learn how the libraries provide access to staff expertise, print and digital legal collections, and public computers. You’re encouraged to call or email before visiting as they can provide many services this way & can save you time.

Last reviewed July 2024
Logo features the initials "JES" in green on the left and a grey scale of justice with the text "Justice Education Society" in a circular arrangement around it on the right.


Justice Education Society (JES)

Free information and referrals to help you deal with your legal issues. Questions are answered by UBC law students on weekdays from 11 am to 2 pm. Questions outside these hours will receive a response the next business day. Ask JES is supported by a knowledge base of over 1,000 legally reviewed questions and answers.

Last reviewed June 2024
The logo consists of a shield with the words "Thompson Rivers University" on the right. The shield depicts two rivers running between two hills, with a semi-circle of sun behind the hills.

TRU Community Legal Clinic (TRU CLC)

Thompson Rivers University Faculty of Law

This student-staffed free legal clinic provides legal help and advice to eligible people. They represent clients in areas including residential tenancy, employment standards, small claims, human rights claims, and some criminal charges. They draft legal documents such as simple wills, demand letters, powers of attorney, and more.

Last reviewed March 2024
The logo features a stylized infinity symbol, with the female symbol joined to the infinity symbol on the bottom left, and the male symbol joined to the infinity symbol on the top right. The words "Catherine While Holman Wellness Centre" are to the right of the female symbol.

Summary legal advice

Catherine White Holman Wellness Centre

Provides low-barrier wellness services to trans and gender-diverse people. Volunteer lawyers offer summary advice about legal issues you may have — family law, human rights, employment, immigration, etc. (But they can’t take on your case and act for you as your lawyer.) They can also notarize documents, for example for a name or gender change.

Last reviewed March 2024
The logo features white stylized mountains and the initials NSPB in a blue circle. Next to this circle are the words "Northshore Probono."

Pro bono estate planning

North Shore Pro Bono

Free estate-planning help for low-income individuals who want to ensure that they have a valid will, and that all documents (including a power of attorney and a representation agreement) are in place to handle their financial and personal matters should they not be able to.

Last reviewed March 2024
NSRLP logo featuring three speech bubbles, two in white and one in yellow, set against a gray background, with the wordmark on the bottom.

National Directory of Professionals Assisting SRLs

National Self-Represented Litigants Project

A directory of lawyers (as well as paralegals, and other professionals offering therapeutic support and assistance) offering self-represented litigants (SRLs) affordable assistance, primarily in the form of unbundled legal or limited-scope services (unbundling).

Last reviewed March 2024
The logo shows the scales of justice above an open book, with a wreath at either side. Under the book are the letters “LSLAP.” To the right are the words “LAW STUDENTS’” above the words “LEGAL ADVICE PROGRAM.” All these elements are white, and the rectangular background is a dark blue to darker blue gradient.

Law Students’ Legal Advice Program (LSLAP)

Law Students’ Legal Advice Program (LSLAP)

Free legal advice and representation on issues such as criminal summary offences, civil resolution, small claims, residential tenancy, WorkSafeBC, consumer protection, EI, CPP and Old-Age Pension, wills and estates, and immigration and refugee issues. They may draft certain types of legal documents such as demand letters, wills, and more.

Last reviewed March 2024
Logo with the words "British Columbia" and a sun rising behind mountains.

Justice Access Centres

Government of British Columbia

For when you need help with family law issues that affect your everyday life. They can help assess what you need, provide information about your legal and related issues, and refer you to the services that are available for your situation. They offer self-help services, needs assessment, dispute resolution and mediation options, and more.

Last reviewed March 2024
Logo featuring a Pacific west coast-style Indigenous art depiction of a dark blue hummingbird, with its beak over a red flower outlined in dark blue.

Indigenous Community Legal Clinic

UBC Indigenous Community Legal Clinic

The clinic provides advice, assistance, and representation to eligible clients who can’t afford a lawyer and who self-identify as Indigenous. They help with administrative and civil law matters, criminal matters, Aboriginal law/Indigenous legal issues, family law matters, child protection, human rights complaints, and more.

Last reviewed March 2024
Logo of Nidus with a stylized wordmark with "Nid" in blue and "us" in green, with a small triangle above the letter "i."

In-person help from Nidus

Nidus Registry

Nidus can help you with personal planning. You can contact them on behalf of an adult you’re helping. They have a trained volunteer who helps with education, with forms for making a representation agreement, and with using the Nidus Registry. You need to book ahead.

Last reviewed March 2024