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Where do I start for information on Traffic, Ticket, and Bylaw Court?

Last reviewed by the Clicklaw Editors in April 2022

This page directs you to helpful info on resolving traffic, ticket, & bylaw cases in BC Provincial Court.

The Provincial Court of British Columbia deals with three types of tickets:

  • Provincial Violation Tickets – for offences under BC laws, including traffic offences under the Motor Vehicle Act and regulations, and offences under the Liquor Control and Licensing Act.
  • Federal Contravention Tickets – for offences under Canadian laws, such as fishing without a licence or possessing undersize crabs under the Fisheries Act.
  • Municipal Tickets – for offences under municipal bylaws.

Download a PDF with links

Note: Information providers can download this one-page PDF handout with a short link to this webpage and post it or give it to people seeking information.  

Online Resources | understand your ticket

From BC Government: A “one-stop source” of ticket information, this online tool helps you explore information about your ticket anonymously, using step-by-step guided pathways. It deals with provincial violation tickets (incl. traffic offences), federal contravention tickets (incl. fishing offences), and municipal tickets (incl. bylaw violations).

Traffic, Ticket, and Bylaw Cases | info & guides

From the Provincial Court of BC:

Need help?

The following services provide assistance you may need throughout the process.

  • Justice Education Society's Ask JES provides help with legal information and resources. Call/text 1-855-875-8867 or use live chat on their website.
  • Courthouse Libraries BC provides legal information services via a network of libraries in BC courthouses. Call 1-800-665-2570 or email before visiting our library for help with legal research and access to public computers, print materials, and legal databases.

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