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Where do I start for information on Small Claims Court?
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Are you suing someone or being sued for $35,000 or less? For debt, damages, personal property or specific performance of a contract?

This page directs you to helpful info on the Small Claims process.

As of April 1, 2019, most claims for motor vehicle accidents and injuries for an amount of $50,000 or less will proceed through the CRT.

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Use this handy chart on where to resolve your Small Claims case:

Claim Amount Where to Go
Up to $5000 Civil Resolution Tribunal (Online) - a few exceptions
$5001 to $35,000 Small Claims Court (BC Provincial Court)
$35,001 or more BC Supreme Court

Small Claims BC good overview of Small Claims Process

From Justice Education Society (JES): Settling out of court (includes Online Dispute Resolution), Filing a Notice of Claim, Replying to a Claim, How to file court forms, Collecting on Judgment, Appeals.
Court Processes for: Vancouver (Robson Square), Richmond, and all other locations.

Live help with online chat available Weekdays 11am to 2pm.

CRT Small Claims Solution Explorerfor disputes $5000 and under

The first step in the Civil Resolution Tribunal process. Find free legal information and self-help tools, and also apply for dispute resolution for claims $5000 and under. If your claim is for $5001 to $35,000, and you want to claim for the entire amount, see the other resources below on Small Claims Court (Provincial Court).

Being Sued in Small Claims Court | your options if you are sued

From the People's Law School: Do not ignore a Notice of Claim. What are the different ways to respond?

Small Claims – Procedural Guides | Ministry of Attorney General Booklets

From the Ministry of Attorney General BC: Titles include: What is Small Claims, Making & Replying to a Claim, Serving Documents, Getting Ready for Court, Mediation, Getting Results (enforcing payment orders). Step-by-step instructions on how to fill out a Notice of Civil Claim, with examples.

Small Claims Court Forms | Ministry of Attorney General Forms

From the Ministry of Attorney General BC: PDF programmed forms for Small Claims. Links to the Small Claims Filing Assistant and explains how to file electronically through Court Services Online (CSO).

Understanding a Small Claims Court Trial | detailed explanation of trial

From the Provincial Court: How to Prepare for trial, Court Trial Procedure, and Types of Evidence to use.

Preparing for Small Claims Court
 | shorter checklist for trial prep

From the Provincial Court: You are responsible for knowing the Rules and for preparing and presenting your case.

Organizing Documents for Small Claims Court | get your documents in order

From the Provincial Court: Have your evidence organized early – it can save you work later on.

Need extra help after reviewing these resources?

Clicklaw HelpMap: Find legal help near you. Help with Small Claims matters.

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