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Where do I start for information on Small Claims Court?
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Are you suing someone or being sued for $35,000 or less? For debt, damages, personal property or specific performance of a contract?

This page directs you to helpful info on the small claims process.

As of April 1, 2019, most claims for motor vehicle accidents and injuries for an amount of $50,000 or less will proceed through the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT).

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Use this handy chart on where to resolve your small claims case:

Claim Amount Where to Go
Up to $5000 Civil Resolution Tribunal (Online) - a few exceptions
$5001 to $35,000 Small Claims Court (BC Provincial Court)
$35,001 or more BC Supreme Court

Small Claims BC good overview of small claims process

From Justice Education Society (JES): Settling out of court (includes Online Dispute Resolution), filing a Notice of Claim, replying to a claim, how to file court forms, collecting on judgment, appeals.
Court processes for all locations, including contact information for all BC Provincial Courts registries.

Live help by phone and online chat. Ask JES available weekdays 11am to 2pm.

CRT Small Claims Solution Explorerfor disputes $5000 and under

The first step in the Civil Resolution Tribunal process. Find free legal information and self-help tools, and also apply for dispute resolution for claims $5000 and under. If your claim is for $5001 to $35,000, and you want to claim for the entire amount, see the other resources below on Small Claims Court (Provincial Court).

Being Sued in Small Claims Court | your options if you are sued

From the People's Law School: Do not ignore a Notice of Claim. What are the different ways to respond?

Small Claims – Procedural Guides | Ministry of Attorney General booklets

From the Ministry of Attorney General BC: Titles include: What is Small Claims, Making & Replying to a Claim, Serving Documents, Getting Ready for Court, Mediation, Getting Results (enforcing payment orders). Step-by-step instructions on how to fill out a Notice of Civil Claim, with examples.

Small Claims Court Forms | Ministry of Attorney General forms

From the Ministry of Attorney General BC: PDF programmed forms for small claims. Links to the Small Claims Filing Assistant and explains how to file electronically through Court Services Online (CSO).

Understanding a Small Claims Court Trial | detailed explanation of trial

From the Provincial Court: How to prepare for trial, court trial procedure, and types of evidence to use.

Guide to Preparing for BC Small Claims Court | guide for trial preparation

From the Provincial CourtExplains small claims process for claimants and defendants using a sample problem. Adds to information in BC government How-To Guides. Use for learning more about evidence and understanding cases with complicated facts.

Small Claims Preparation Checklist
 | checklist for trial preparation

From the Provincial Court: You are responsible for knowing the Rules and for preparing and presenting your case.

Organizing Documents for Small Claims Court | get your documents in order

From the Provincial Court: Tips on preparing documents for settlement conferences, trial preparation conferences and trials.

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Clicklaw HelpMap: Find legal help near you. Help with small claims matters.

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