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Where do I start for information on Criminal Court?
Last reviewed by Clicklaw Editors in July 2019

This page directs you to helpful info on the Criminal Court process in Provincial Court.

Note: Over 95% of all criminal cases in BC are heard in Provincial Court. If the offence is a serious or "indictable" offence, you may have a choice to hold your trial in Provincial or Supreme Court.

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An Overview

BC's Criminal Justice System general info for everyone

From Ministry of Attorney General BC: Information and services for victims of crime, witnesses and the public. Explains the criminal justice system, BC Corrections, bail, parole, record suspension, etc.

Criminal Cases | hear from the Provincial Court

From the Provincial Court: What criminal matters do Provincial Court Judges deal with? Factsheets on: Basic Criminal Procedure, Sentencing, Sentencing Indigenous peoples, and more.

Criminal Case Flowchartstages in a criminal case

From the Provincial Court: Information on the procedures set out in the Criminal Code of Canada to be followed in criminal cases.

Criminal Court Trial

Representing Yourself in a Criminal Trial | basic criminal court process steps

From Legal Services Society (LSS): For the accused person who wants to plead not guilty for a summary offence. It guides a self-represented person through the basic steps in the court process both before and at a trial. Includes a sample letter to get a copy of the Information (document listing your offence) from Crown Counsel (prosecutor) and a basic glossary of terms.

  • More Criminal Law Resources from LSS (Aboriginal Rights, How to Appeal, If You’re Charged With a Crime, No Contact Orders, Speaking to the Judge before Sentencing, Defending Yourself, If You Can’t Get Legal Aid, etc.)

How a Criminal Trial Works | goes a little further than first steps

From Justice Education Society (JES): What Crown Counsel (prosecutor) has to do in a trial, how you can defend yourself, cross-examining witnesses, evidence you can use, final arguments, and the verdict.

Live help by phone and online chat. Ask JES available weekdays 11am to 2pm.

More Information

Defending Yourself Against a Criminal Charge | more on the trial process

From People's Law School: More information on the criminal trial process in Provincial Court. Links to other criminal law-related information.

LSLAP Manual: Criminal Law | advanced reading

From Law Students' Legal Advice Program: This chapter on criminal law focuses on criminal procedure and how to manage cases. It covers Charter rights in the criminal context, sentencing, and criminal records.

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