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I need help with my income tax

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Income tax
is the tax that the federal and provincial governments put on your income. If you were a resident of BC on the last day of the tax year, or you earned income in BC during the year, you may have to file BC income tax. Provincial income tax is filed with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) along with your federal income tax return.

You can pay a professional to help file your return, but there is also free help available. You can call CRA or go to one of their tax clinics. Tax clinics are also often offered through other non-profit organizations.

Good starting points include:

  • Dollars and Sense: A Guide for Your Money, from the Public Guardian and Trustee of BC, is a guide to managing money for youth, with a chapter on how to file your income tax.
  • Taxes & Tax Credits, from the Government of BC, provides personal and general tax information, including information for BC residents.
  • Income Tax Implications of Support Payments, from the Canadian Bar Association BC Branch (CBABC), outlines the effect of spousal support (sometimes called spousal maintenance) and child support on your income tax. The reference to “spouse” applies whether you are separated or divorced and includes ex-spouses. It also applies to common-law spouses.

Need more help?

  • Volunteer Tax Preparation Clinics, from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), lists tax preparation clinics generally offered between February and April, hosted by community organizations. Volunteers prepare tax returns for eligible individuals with a modest income and a simple tax situation. Includes specialized services such as Tax Assistance and Information for People with Disabilities.
  • Telephone Numbers, from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), includes an Individual Income Tax Enquiries telephone service, which provides tax information for individuals, trusts, international tax and non-residents, including personal income tax returns.

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