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My landlord is threatening to evict me
Last reviewed in February 2023 by the Clicklaw Editors.

Note: As of July 1, 2021, if a landlord wants to end a tenancy for extensive renovations or repairs, they need to apply for an Order of Possession from the Residential Tenancy Branch. Find out more about the process and your rights as a tenant.

The law says that your landlord can only evict you for certain reasons. In other words, your landlord can only evict you if there is cause. They must give you written notice that gives the reasons for the eviction and how you can challenge the eviction.

Good starting points include:

  • Evictions, from TRAC, outlines how one-month, two-month, and four-month eviction notices work, including how tenants can challenge them.
  • The Tenant Survival Guide, from TRAC, has a chapter on evictions.
  • Renting it Right, from TRAC, is an online course that covers eviction in a section called "Ending a Tenancy".
  • Ending a Tenancy, from the Government of BC, offers information about how and when a landlord can end a tenancy lawfully.
  • Dispute Resolution, from the Government of BC, explains the dispute resolution process, including how to apply for dispute resolution online.
  • A Playbook for Tenants, can help you learn more about your rights as a tenant, including how to apply for dispute resolution.
  • Renting in British Columbia, from People’s Law School, is a webinar that answers common questions about renting in BC. 
  • LSLAP Manual: Landlord and Tenant Law, from the UBC Law Students Legal Advice Program, discusses evictions in the section "Forced End of Tenancy".

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