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Can I get a legal order to keep an abuser away from me?

Last reviewed in December 2018 by the Clicklaw Editors

If you and/or your children are being hit or abused, you can apply to the courts for a protection order or a peace bond to keep your abuser away from you and your children.

Good starting points include:

  • Applying for a Peace Bond and Filing Assault Charges, from People's Law School, explains what a peace bond is and what you need to tell the police so that the court may issue one.
  • Live Safe, End Abuse, from the Legal Aid BC, is a collection of fact sheets that explains about abuse and where to get help. It includes a fact sheet about protection orders that also explains what peace bonds and family law protection orders are.
  • For Your Protection: Peace Bonds and Family Law Protection Orders, from the provincial government and Legal Aid BC, is a booklet that explains how and when people can apply for peace bonds and protection orders, and what the differences are between them. 
For more information and support, talk to a victim service worker in your community. Call VictimLink BC or use the HelpMap to find a service in your community.

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