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I’m going to the interview for welfare. What do I need to know?

Last reviewed in February 2023 by the Clicklaw Editors

Applying for welfare involves having an eligibility interview with a worker from the BC government. There is a considerable amount of information to gather to give to the government worker at the interview. At the interview, expect the government worker to ask a lot of personal questions.

Good starting points include:

  • Chapter 21: Welfare (Income Assistance) Law, from the UBC LSLAP Manual, has an overview of eligibility, including the application process. 
  • Apply for Assistance, from BC Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, is the online application for income assistance from BC Employment and Assistance. On the homepage, click on the link for Application and Intake to learn more.

Need more help?

  • Find an Advocate, from PovNet, provides a list of community advocates who may be able to provide information or assistance regarding the welfare application process.
  • Find more help near you on Clicklaw HelpMap

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