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Community Legal Assistance Society (CLAS)

Provides free legal assistance for low-income people, including information and referrals, summary advice, and full representation in regards to reviewing final decisions by administrative bodies including the RTB, EAAT, EST, WCAT, HRT and the SST. Practice areas also include: human rights cases before the HRT and representation of people detained under the MH Act or subject to the mental disorder provisions of the Criminal Code. Offices are closed; all services will be done via phone or email.

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The Canadian Bar Association

The CBA is the essential ally and advocate of all members of the legal profession; it is the voice for all members of the profession and its primary purpose is to serve its members.

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Canadian Centre for Elder Law (CCEL)

The Canadian Centre for Elder Law is dedicated to improving the lives of older adults in their relation to the law. The only organization of its kind in Canada, the Centre conducts research, outreach, and public legal education on elder law issues. The Centre is a division of the British Columbia Law Institute.

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Government of Canada

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West Coast Prison Justice Society

The West Coast Prison Justice Society was incorporated in 1993 to promote the provision of legal aid to prisoners in British Columbia. We promote the rule of law within prisons and the fair and equal treatment of prisoners.

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Public Guardian and Trustee of BC

The mandate of the PGT is to: protect the legal and financial interests of children under the age of 19 years; protect the legal, financial, personal and health care interests of adults who require assistance in decision making; and administer the estates of deceased and missing persons.​

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The National Self-Represented Litigants Project

The National Self-Represented Litigants Project (NSRLP) builds on the National Self-Represented Litigants (SRL’s) Research Study conducted by Dr. Julie Macfarlane from 2011-2013. NSRLP is committed to collaboration to enhance the responsiveness of the Canadian justice system to SRL’s, and to continuing dialogue among the stakeholders who include SRL’s, lawyers, judges and court services staff. NSRLP is also acting as a clearinghouse for information and resources related to the SRL phenomenon.

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Law Society of BC

The Law Society of British Columbia is the regulatory body for the BC legal profession and works to ensure that the public is well served by a legal profession that is honourable, competent and independent. It sets and enforces standards of professional conduct for lawyers in BC and brings a voice to issues affecting the justice system and the delivery of legal services.

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BC Ministry of Children and Family Development

The Ministry works together with Delegated Aboriginal Agencies, Aboriginal service partners and approximately 5,400 contracted community social service agencies and foster homes, cross-government and social sector partners to deliver inclusive, culturally respectful, responsive and accessible services that support the well-being of children, youth and families.

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BC Employment Standards Branch

The Employment Standards Branch administers and enforces the Employment Standards Act and Regulation, which set minimum standards of wages and working conditions in most workplaces.

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