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Mediate BC Society

Mediate BC Society is a not-for-profit society committed to providing people with practical, accessible and affordable choices to prevent, manage and resolve disputes. It is your go-to hub for mediation information, services and programs. Mediate BC manages a list of qualified civil and family mediators as well as information about the mediators on British Columbia's Child Protection Mediation Program Roster.

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About Mediation (Conflict Resolution Options)

This website describes mediation, including the role of a mediator and how to choose a mediator. It also provides information about family mediation, civil mediation, med-arb, and mediating at a distance. The site has a ...
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Find a Mediator

This webpage contains links to searchable directories of civil, family, and child protection mediators to assist people in selecting a suitable mediator to resolve their dispute. Questions? Call 1-877-656-1300 ext. 100
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Family Mediation

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that is facilitated by a neutral third party, a mediator. It can help resolve your family disputes including separation or divorce, without needing to go to court. ...
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FAQ of Mediation Videos

A series of short video clips to answer questions on mediation, such as: What does a mediator do? Is mediation right for me? How long does a mediation session last for? How much does it costs? What if the other ...
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Workplace Mediation

Provides information on using mediation for conflict in the workplace and links to finding a workplace mediator.
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Ask a Mediator Clinics

These clinics offer you an opportunity to have your questions answered directly from a mediator. We can help you understand how mediation works, how to select a mediator, how to ask another person to mediate, and how ...
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