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West Coast LEAF

West Coast LEAF's mission is to achieve equality by changing historic patterns of systemic discrimination against women through BC-based equality rights litigation, law reform and public legal education.

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Youth Talk About "No Means No"

In this radio interview, teenagers in Nelson talk about their experience facilitating the "No Means No" program and talking to younger kids about consent in the law, gender stereotypes and sexualized violence.
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Youth in the Workplace Program

This program teaches 10 to 15 year-olds about employment rights and human rights. Trained young adults facilitate this exploration of the complex power dynamics in the workplace. This program explores legal issues like ...
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Is that legal? (CyberMisogyny Legal Guide)

Understanding Canadian law on issues of online harassment, exploitation, & abuse: Educational resource to #CyberMisogyny. Topics: Revenge porn; Sexting & child pornography; Cyberstalking; Sexual exploitation & internet ...
Also available in: Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Punjabi, Spanish
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West Coast LEAF Speakers Bureau

West Coast LEAF is made up of experts in many areas of the law, women's equality and legal strategies for change. Our Speakers Bureau can provide a speaker on reproductive rights, family law and equality, women's ...
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No Means No

Provides 3 one-hour workshops for students in grades 6-9 to learn their rights and responsibilities related to sexual assault and consent. Trained youth facilitators use interactive activities to address power ...
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The Unfinished Story of Yes

This short animated video explains how Canada's law of consent and sexual assault has shifted in the last few decades - and the deep flaws that remain in the justice system. The video was designed in collaboration ...
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Re-Envisioning Public Legal Education (PLEI)

Community and research-based insights about how to facilitate learning about the law in a way that supports movements for social justice. The report covers PLEI’s guiding principles, purposes, impacts, limitations, and ...
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