The new Clicklaw is here!

Courthouse Libraries BC is excited to present a significantly improved Clicklaw service.

Some of the great changes include: 

  • An upgraded search experience that guides you to selected resources and provides step-by-step overviews of your legal issues. 
  • Fewer legal topics and sub-topics than the old site, which means less digging for what you need. 
  • Content curated and structured by Courthouse Libraries BC’s librarians to ensure the most credible and relevant materials are available to help you on your legal journey. 
  • A new design — the fresh look and feel aligns with the trusted Courthouse Libraries BC brand. 
  • More guidance, making it easier for you to navigate. 

We’ve streamlined our site to focus on helping the public resolve legal problems. If you’re a regular visitor to Clicklaw, you’ll notice: 

  • The home page has the same website address as the old site; however, other page URLs have changed. Where appropriate, old URLs will be redirected to relevant sections on the new site. 
  • We’ve replaced the HelpMap feature with a list of available services to contact, sorted by topic/service type. We found that contact information contained in the HelpMap often changed unpredictably and we’ve concluded that service providers are the best source of that information. 
  • We no longer have links to translated materials and services on Clicklaw because of the technical challenges of including them in the new site design. This decision may be revisited at another time. 
  • We’ve discontinued: 
    • The Reform & Research and Learn & Teach sections. Resources under these categories are still available to the public on other websites. 
    • The legal topics of Business & non-profits; Environment; and Media & internet. 

We launched Clicklaw 15 years ago as an online library of public legal education and information for BC. Today, there is such an abundance of information available that it's hard to tell what is credible, trustworthy, and directly applicable to you. The new Clicklaw service is designed to guide you to just what you need and reduce the confusion of having to dig around. We’re a program of Courthouse Libraries BC, a name you can trust for credible legal information for the public.