How do I prepare for a welfare interview?

Last reviewed June 2024 by the Clicklaw editors

Applying for welfare involves having an eligibility interview with a worker from the BC government. You’ll need to gather a lot of information to give to the government worker at your interview. The government worker will also ask you a lot of personal questions.

What to bring to the interview

If your interview is in person, you should bring your documents with you. If it’s by phone, you should have your documents nearby.

You will need:

  • Photo ID
  • A second piece of ID
  • Your SIN card
  • A BC Care Card or BC Services Card, if you have one
  • An income tax return or other document from the government with your SIN and name
  • Information about your income and assets, which may include bank statements, tax returns, vehicle registration, and other financial documentation

What to expect at the interview

A government worker will ask you questions about yourself and will use your answers to fill out an application form. Ask for the government worker’s name and write it down. Make sure to tell the government worker immediately if you are worried about family violence, or violence from an immigration sponsor.

At the end of your interview you will be asked to sign the form. If your interview is by phone, you must go to the ministry office (or Service BC Centre) within five business days to sign your application form to complete it. Do not sign a form with incorrect information. Ask for a copy of the form to keep for yourself.

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