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Answers to commonly asked legal questions, with useful resources selected by our librarians.
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Civil Court & Alternatives

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I’ve been hurt in a motor vehicle accident. What can I do?
What’s the difference between small claims court and the Supreme Court of BC?
How do I do my own legal research as a self-represented litigant?
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Crime & Victims

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How does diversion work and how can I get it?
How can I appeal my conviction or sentence in a criminal case?
I’ve been charged with a crime. How do I defend myself?
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How can I get a Certificate of Divorce?
My common-law partner died. What legal issues do I need to know about?
How do I draft a final order for an undefended divorce?
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I was dismissed (fired) unfairly. What can I do?
How do I prepare for a welfare interview?
My employer isn’t paying my wages. What can I do?
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Housing & Tenancy

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My landlord is threatening to evict me.
I’ve missed a few mortgage payments and am facing foreclosure.
My landlord hasn’t carried out repairs. Can I stop paying rent?
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Money, Debt & Consumer

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How do I find the life insurance policy of a family member who recently passed away?
My boyfriend wants me to co-sign for his loan. Will this make me responsible if he misses a payment?
My home reno was a disaster. What can I do?
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Rights & Citizenship

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What rights do people have around treatment for mental illness?
I know a family who has just immigrated. What information would help them?
A friend was sponsored to come to Canada but the sponsor left her. What can she do?
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Wills, Estates & Planning

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How do I make a will?
How do I know if a will has been probated?
How do I apply for probate?