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LSLAP Manual: Landlord and Tenant Law

LSLAP Manual: Landlord and Tenant Law

This chapter is from the manual used by law students handling cases at the LSLAP program’s legal clinics. It provides a summary of the law relating to tenancy agreements, security deposits, rent increases, tenants’/landlords’ rights, termination, and eviction. Dispute resolution are also addressed.

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UBC Law Students' Legal Advice Program (LSLAP)
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July 2022 i Last date reviewed by a qualified expert to ensure content up-to-date. See "Tips" in Clicklaw content criteria (bottom of pageside menu) for details.
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LSLAP Manual, tenants, landlords, eviction, neighbours, condos, manufactured homes, Residential Tenancy Branch, security deposit, pets, condition inspection, tenancy agreement
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