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Common Questions

How do I get my rental deposit back?
Landlords are not allowed to decide on their own to keep a deposit at the end of a tenancy. Once the tenant has provided a forwarding address in writing, the landlord can only keep some or all of the deposit if they have permission from the tenant or the Residential Tenancy Branch.

Good starting points include:
  • The Tenant Survival Guide, from TRAC, has a chapter on "Security Deposits and Additional Fees".
  • Security and Pet Damage Deposits, from TRAC, has information on how to get your deposit returned.
  • Renting it Right, from TRAC, is an online course that covers how to get your deposit returned in a section called "Ending a Tenancy".
  • Ending a Tenancy, from the provincial government, has a section on returning deposits. It provides information on the rules for getting a deposit back and online calculators for tenants and landlords.

Need more help?

  • Tenant Info Line, by TRAC, provides information, referrals and help for tenants dealing with residential tenancy law matters.

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