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What if I want legal help for only part of my (family law) problem?
Most people would like to have the advice and assistance of a family lawyer but hiring a lawyer to represent them from beginning to end is often too expensive and makes it difficult to predict total costs. The good news is that it is possible for you to have the help you need from a lawyer at a cost you can afford through unbundled legal services.

Unlike the traditional full-representation model, a lawyer providing unbundled legal services works on, and charges you for, only those tasks that you agree to in advance. You start by meeting your lawyer and, as a team, make a plan to address your legal problem. The entire matter is broken down into tasks and you choose which tasks you want help with and which ones you will handle on your own. This approach is flexible, and can be adapted to meet your needs including your budget and your comfort level with managing your own legal affairs.
For example, if you are representing yourself in court you may want a lawyer’s help with drafting a document or pre-trial advice. If you are resolving your dispute through an out-of-court process like mediation, an unbundled lawyer can provide legal advice before mediation or draft a binding agreement after mediation. 
The BC Family Law Unbundling Roster (HelpMap) is a list of legal professionals near you who offer unbundled services. Many also offer their services remotely, through telephone, webconferencing or other tools.
The Roster provides key information about lawyers and paralegals, including:
  • Name, contact information and location
  • Descriptions of the kinds of unbundled legal services offered
  • Fee structure and remote service options
  • Mediation experience
  • Supported languages 
The BC Family Law Unbundling Roster is administered by Courthouse Libraries BC. If you are a lawyer or paralegal interested in offering unbundled family legal services, please click here for more information.

Want to give feedback on your experience?

Please send your feedback here. We are seeking your input if you have recently used unbundled legal services from a BC family lawyer. 

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Last reviewed April 2017
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