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I bought something online and now I want to cancel. Can I do that?

Last reviewed in April 2023 by the Clicklaw Editors

When you buy goods or services by phone or mail order, or over the Internet, you may be making what is called a distance sales contract. The resources below explain what this contract means and the situations in which you may be able to cancel the contract.

Good starting points include:

  • Shopping by Phone, Mail or the Internet, from People's Law School, explains the laws that apply to shopping online and what your options are.
  • Problem with an Online Purchase?, from Consumer Protection BC, explains some rules around distance sales contracts and specific instances that give you the right to cancel.
  • Solution Explorer - Small Claims, from the Civil Resolution Tribunal, is a tool for helping people manage and resolve disputes in BC. Select “Goods and Services - Buyers” and explore your options through information, videos, and template letters.

Need more help?

  • If you have explored your options and now want to seek advice from a lawyer, contact Lawyer Referral Service from Access Pro Bono. They offer a free, brief initial consultation with a lawyer to determine your legal needs. If you would like further help from your lawyer, you can retain them at an agreeable rate of charge.

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