Common Questions

What can mediation help me with?

Mediation is a process for solving conflicts (disputes) without going to court. Two or more parties meet in a private and informal setting to try to settle their dispute with the help of a mediator (a person trained to help people settle conflicts together).

Although there are no set rules about what kind of dispute can or cannot be mediated, mediation is more appropriate in some situations than others.

Good starting points include:

  • Guide to Mediation in BC, from the provincial government, explains what mediation is, when you might want to use it, and what the procedure involves.
  • Alternatives to Going to Court, from the Justice Education Society of BC, is a guidebook that gives an overview of the alternatives to going to court, including mediation.
  • About the Mediation Process, from the Mediate BC Society, is a web page that describes mediation, as well as the role of the mediator and what you can do if you are interested in using mediation. Links to a number of publications about mediation are also provided.
  • If you are considering using mediation for family law issues, such as divorce or child support, also see How can mediation help me with a divorce agreement?

Need more help?

  • MediateBC has searchable directories of civil, family, and child protection mediators to assist people in selecting a suitable mediator to resolve their dispute. Call 1-877-656-1300 ext. 100 if you have any questions about the rosters.

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Last reviewed December 2017
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