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I’m looking for information about the Parenting After Separation program

Last reviewed in July 2022 by the Clicklaw Editors.

Parenting After Separation (PAS) is a free course for parents and others who have a responsibility to make decisions for children following a separation or divorce. If you or a family member identify as Indigenous, you can take the free online Parenting After Separation for Indigenous Families course.

Good starting points include:
  • About Parenting After Separation (PAS) Course, from the provincial government, explains who the course is for, what you will learn, exemptions, and how to register for the course.
  • Parenting & Guardianship, from Legal Aid BC, has information on the situations in which this class is mandatory and how it interacts with your court case. Go to "Parenting," then "Parenting After Separation class."
Finances After Separation Program, from Justice Education Society, is designed to complement the Parenting After Separation program. The focus of this online course is on helping separating families with their finances.

Need more help?

  • You can ask a family justice counsellor at a Family Justice Centre for more information about Parenting After Separation courses.

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