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My ex stopped paying child support when he moved out of province

Last reviewed February 2021 by the Clicklaw Editors.

When a person who is supposed to pay maintenance support stops making those payments, they owe a debt to the person who is supposed to get the payments. The money owed is called arrears. There are two ways to collect arrears:

Good starting points include:

  • Enforcing Support Orders and Agreement, from People's Law School, provides a general overview of your options in enforcing arrears of support.
  • Family Maintenance Enforcement Program: Enforcing Orders Outside BC, from the provincial government, explains how they can enrol the maintenance order or agreement in an equivalent program where the person paying maintenance (e.g. your ex) lives.
  • Court Orders, from Legal Aid BC, has a section called "When more than one province or country is involved". It describes situations that can come up when a parent in a family law matter is outside BC.

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