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Native Courtworker and Counselling Association of British Columbia

We provide culturally appropriate services to aboriginal people and communities consistent with their needs. Our service is accomplished through access to counselling and referral services to clients with substance abuse and detox support issues; advocacy services for aboriginal family and youth; facilitating and enhancing access to justice by assisting clients involved in the criminal justice system; provides service, and providing training and workshops.

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Women's Right to Be Safe

TheWomen’s Right To Be Safe resource guide can be used to enhance your personal safety and can also be used as an opportunity to discuss the issue of violence against women. As women, we are experts in what needs to ...
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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Explains that all people have a right to a safe workplace free from bullying, harassment, and unwanted sexual attention. It explains possible legal options if you don’t feel safe at work. Discusses taking time off and ...
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