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Pivot Legal Society is a non-profit legal advocacy organization located in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Pivot's mandate is to take a strategic approach to social change, using the law to address the root causes that undermine the quality of life of those most on the margins. We believe that everyone, regardless of income, benefits from a healthy and inclusive community where values such as opportunity, respect and equality are strongly rooted in the law.

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Site describes the police rights card, which advises citizens of their legal rights upon arrest. One half, with the statement for police, can be detached and given to the police upon arrest. The other half of the card, ...
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A step-by-step guide about how to sue the police and private secuity in small claims court. This guide gives people who have negative experiences with the police have a way to hold police accountable for their actions ...
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Podcast of Rebecca Cuttler interviewing Pivot lawyer Doug King about the new provincial legislation banning social assistance for people who have outstanding warrants for their arrest.
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