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Legal Aid BC

Legal Aid BC is a non-profit organization created by the Legal Services Society (LSS) Act in 1979 to provide legal information, advice, and representation services. Our priority is to serve the interests of people with low incomes, but many of our services are available to all British Columbians. Our services are offered at legal aid locations throughout the province, and online through our websites:,,, and

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Working with Your Legal Aid Lawyer

This fact sheet outlines client and lawyer roles and responsibilities, so each knows what to expect from the legal aid contract. It also explains what the lawyer’s time on the case includes, what the lawyer can’t do, ...
Also available in: Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Farsi (Persian), Punjabi, Spanish
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Aboriginal Child Protection Process Flowchart

This poster provides a step-by-step overview of the Aboriginal child protection process and the rights of Aboriginal children and families. Note: If printing, use 11x17 paper.
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If You Can't Get Legal Aid for Your Child Protection Case

For people facing a complicated child protection hearing who have been denied legal aid but can’t afford a lawyer. Explains why you can ask for a court-appointed lawyer and how to apply. Includes forms and what to say ...
Also available in: French
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How to Appeal Your Sentence

Step-by-step guide for appealing a sentence for people who may or may not be in custody. Explains how to apply for a legal aid or court-appointed lawyer, and if the application isn’t successful, how to prepare for an ...
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A Guide to Aboriginal Harvesting Rights

Provides easy-to-understand information on Aboriginal harvesting rights, the different regulations, what to do if you've been charged with an offence (such as illegally hunting) and where to get legal help. Includes ...
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Defending Yourself: Mischief

Describes how to defend yourself if you are charged with mischief and what the prosecutor must prove to find you guilty. Includes sentencing information and how to get legal help.
Also available in: French
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Is That Legal? What the Law Says about Online Harassment and Abuse

This plain language booklet helps youth become safer online when they use social media. It explains about consent for sexual activity, sexual activity that’s illegal, and where to get support services and legal help
Also available in: Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), French, Punjabi, Spanish
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Child protection

Identifies the law around child protection for Aboriginal children in BC, sets out some aspects of the child protection/removal process, and explains parents' and band rights and responsibilities.
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Court orders

Step-by-step guides on how to get, change, enforce, appeal, or write court orders, plus information on what to do if your order was made outside BC or one of you leaves the province.
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Coping with Separation Handbook

For spouses (married or living in a marriage-like relationship) dealing with the emotional aspects of separating. Describes ways to cope and how to help your children cope. Includes support services for spouses, ...
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