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Legal Aid BC

Legal Aid BC is a non-profit organization created by the Legal Services Society (LSS) Act in 1979 to provide legal information, advice, and representation services. Our priority is to serve the interests of people with low incomes, but many of our services are available to all British Columbians. Our services are offered at legal aid locations throughout the province, and online through our websites:,,, and

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Child & spousal support

Describes child and spousal support, how to track support payments, and what to do if the payor can't or won't pay.
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Getting a divorce

Describes contested and uncontested divorces in BC and explains how laws in other countries might affect the process. Also includes step-by-step guides on how to do your own divorce without going to court.
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Speaking to the Judge Before You Are Sentenced

Lists possible sentences when pleading guilty or found guilty. Explains in plain language what to say to a judge before they decide on a sentence. Learn how to prepare and where to get legal advice. Contains information ...
Also available in: French
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Defending Yourself: Assault

Describes how to defend yourself if you are charged with assault. Includes what the prosecutor must prove to find you guilty, sentencing information, and how to get legal help.
Also available in: French
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How to Appeal Your Conviction

Step-by-step guide for appealing a conviction for people who may or may not be in custody. Explains how to apply for a legal aid or court-appointed lawyer, and if the application isn’t successful, how to prepare for an ...
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Wills and estates on reserve

Describes how wills and estates on reserve are different from wills and estates off reserve for status Indians who ordinarily lived on reserve at the time of their death.
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Live Safe, End Abuse

Explains what abuse is and where people who are being abused can get help. Includes information about keeping children safe, safety planning, men who are abused, and financial matters. Chinese (simp & trad), Punjabi, ...
Also available in: Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Farsi (Persian), French, Punjabi, Spanish
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Ruptura del Contrato de Esponsoramiento  (Sponsorship Breakdown)

A 4½-minute Spanish video about sponsorship breakdown depicting the fictional case of a woman in an abusive relationship, who learns from a coworker that she can leave her abusive husband without losing her permanent ...
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Working with Your Legal Aid Lawyer

Outlines client and lawyer roles and responsibilities, so each knows what to expect from the legal aid contract. Explains what the lawyer’s time on the case includes, change of lawyer requests, and about making a ...
Also available in: Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Farsi (Persian), French, Punjabi, Spanish
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How to Become a Child's Guardian

This fact sheet explains who can become a guardian and how to apply to court to become one. Includes links to the Family Law in BC website to help with the application process, and links to required forms. (Links and ...
Also available in: French
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