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People's Law School is a BC non-profit organization with recognized expertise in high-quality public legal education and information. It works to help British Columbians recognize the legal aspects of everyday situations and take appropriate action. Services include: reliable, easy to understand information on and; webinars; print resources through Crown Publications; and a Q+A email service.

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Dying without a will

Practical information for when someone dies without a will. Topics include who inherits the deceased’s property, steps to settling the estate, applying for a grant of administration, and more.
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Lending and collecting

Practical information on your rights and responsibilities when lending someone money or collecting on a debt from someone who owes you money.
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Tax Implications of Support Payments

Different income tax rules apply to spousal support and child support. Spousal support payments are handled one way, and child support payments another. Learn how the tax rules affect you.
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Child Protection and Removal

If someone reports that a child has been abused (or is likely to be), it starts a legal process designed to keep the child safe. Learn about child protection law.
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Reporting Suspected Child Abuse

The law protects children from sexual and physical abuse and from neglect. Learn how child protection laws work, and what to do if you think a child is being abused.
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If You Are Fired

Generally, your employer can fire you whenever they want. But they need to give you notice, or pay you instead. Among the exceptions: if they fire you for “just cause”.
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If You're Not Happy With a Service

Learn about your legal rights and options if you are unhappy with the work that someone has done.
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Dealing with Debt Collectors

If you’re behind on debt payments, there are laws to protect you from harassment by collectors. For example, collectors can’t use threatening language or contact you during certain times of day.
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Desk-Order Divorce: The Do-It-Yourself Divorce Process

If you and your spouse agree on the issues of parenting, support and property, there is a fast-track way to get a divorce. You can apply for a “desk-order divorce”.
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Adoption of a Child

Adoption is the process to legally transfer parental responsibilities for a child from one family to another. Learn what’s involved in adopting a child or placing a child for adoption.
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