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People's Law School is a non-profit society in British Columbia, dedicated to making the law accessible to everyone. We provide free education and information to help people effectively deal with the legal problems of daily life.

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Practical information on your legal responsibilities as a pet owner. Topics include taking care of pets at home, pets in public, and who can be held liable for dog attacks.
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Service Providers

Practical, step-by-step information on hiring someone to perform a service. Learn your rights and obligations when you hire someone to perform a service, hiring someone who comes to your door, and what you can do if ...
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Problems at work

Practical guidance on dealing with a problem at work. Topics include tips for talking with your employer, tips on writing a letter to your employer, and the steps involved in making an employment standards complaint.
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Your work status

Practical information on your work status. Learn if you’re protected under BC’s employment standards law, how old you have to be to work in BC, what to watch out for in your employment contract, and common alternative ...
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Challenging a will

Practical information on your options for challenging a will. Topics include what’s involved in challenging a spouse or parent’s will based on fairness, and challenging the validity of a will.
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Dying without a will

Practical information for when someone dies without a will. Topics include who inherits the deceased’s property, steps to settling the estate, applying for a grant of administration, and more.
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Lending and collecting

Practical information on your rights and responsibilities when lending someone money or collecting on a debt from someone who owes you money.
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Credit Reports

Practical, step-by-step information on credit reports. Topics include ordering your credit report, who has access to your credit report, fixing a mistake on your credit report, improving your credit score, and taking ...
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When I'm 64: Services for Older Adults

This booklet explains the services available to help older adults make informed decisions and lead a healthy life as they age. It covers health care, housing, transportation and recreation services. For more ...
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Buying a Home in BC

This publication is for those who want to buy a home in British Columbia. It steps you through the process, from making an offer to closing the deal. It also explains the common legal documents involved — in language ...
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