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People's Law School is a BC non-profit organization with recognized expertise in high-quality public legal education and information. It works to help British Columbians recognize the legal aspects of everyday situations and take appropriate action. Services include: reliable, easy to understand information on and; webinars; print resources through Crown Publications; and a Q+A email service.

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Car Repairs

Vehicle repairs can be complex and expensive. And the vehicle repair business isn’t tightly regulated by government. You can avoid or minimize problems with vehicle repairs if you follow these tips.
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Applying For Employment Insurance

In Canada, the government offers financial support to people who are without work. Learn whether you are eligible for Employment Insurance benefits, and the steps to apply for benefits.
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Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

Increasingly, organizations — both private and public — are collecting your personal information. Learn about the laws allowing you to access this information and limiting how it can be used.
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Renting in British Columbia

Presenters in this webinar answer common questions about renting in BC.
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Criminal Records and Record Suspensions

Information about a person found guilty of a crime is kept in their criminal record. Learn about criminal records, including how to apply for a record suspension (formerly a pardon).
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Practical, step-by-step guides on wills and estates. Learn about several topics including how to prepare a will; how to choose an executor; how to change or cancel a will; and how to probate a will.
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Personal Planning

Find guides on 1) Powers of Attorney and Representation Agreements and 2) Committeeship. Use these guides if someone needs help making decisions about money or care.
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Small business

Practical information on your legal rights and options when it comes to small businesses in British Columbia. Topics include pros and cons of incorporating your business, written contracts you need for your small ...
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Representation Agreements

Presenters in this webinar discuss what you need to know about representation agreements.
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Sexual Harassment

Harassment is conduct a reasonable person would consider objectionable or unwelcome. Learn your rights when harassment involves conduct of a sexual nature, as well as options if you’re sexually harassed.
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