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West Coast Environmental Law is BC’s legal champion for the environment. For over 40 years, West Coast has provided the expert research and analysis needed to inform strong environmental laws. Through our free advice and information service, environmental legal aid program, workshops, and publications, West Coast empowers citizens and organizations to protect our environment and provides a balanced and authoritative resource upon which British Columbians can rely.

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Cutting Up the Safety Net

It is essential that the government maintain a safety net of robust laws, policies and programs if we are to protect the environment and build a sustainable economy. In recent years, the BC government has weakened the ...
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Smart Bylaws - Summary

This guide describes smart growth practices, including theory, case studies, technical standards & bylaws that can be tailored to specific municipal circumstances. It brings together best practices of BC municipalities ...
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Bill 36 Primer - NGO Oil and Gas Roundtable May 24, 2002

With the introduction of Bill 36, the BC Government intended to double oil and gas production, reduce regulation, and reduce staff. This briefing paper provides an overview of the bill with particular regard to the ...
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Groundwater Use in Canada

This case study focuses on groundwater use in Canada. It explores patterns of groundwater use across the country and notes some significant gaps. Its purpose is to compile the data and information available about ...
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Kyoto, POPs, and Straddling Stocks: Understanding Environmental Treaties

This 243 page guide aims to increase public understanding in Canada about environmental treaties. It shows how these treaties influence environmental protection, and examines how Canada has implemented its treaty ...
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Climate Change Primer

This paper discusses key issues related to oil and gas production/use and climate change, including the role of natural gas as a transitional "clean energy" fuel, the impact of the Kyoto protocol on oil and gas ...
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Coalbed Methane: A BC Local Government Guide

This Guide explains some of the environmental and social risks associated with coalbed methane development, and then focuses on some of the tools available for local governments to plan for, avoid and mitigate the ...
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Environmental Assessment Primer: NGO Oil and Gas Roundtable 2002, May 24-25, 2002

This discussion paper summarizes key points of interest or concern with respect to environmental assessment and how it may relate to oil and gas projects.
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Provincial Forestry Revitalization Plan – Forest Act Amendments: Impacts and implications for BC First Nations

This discussion paper analyses the impacts and implications of Forest Act amendments contained in Bills 27, 28, 29, 44 & 45 for BC First Nations. These bills represent a complete overhaul of the regime for forest tenure ...
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Land Use Planning: Law Reform Discussion Paper

Provincial law & policy presents barriers to First Nations land use planning. This paper provides a historical overview of strategic land use planning in BC, highlights key considerations in reforming law and policy in ...
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