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Courthouse Libraries BC

Courthouse Libraries BC is a non-profit organization providing access to legal information resources and information services to members of the legal community and the public of British Columbia. Courthouse Libraries BC operates Clicklaw as part of its mission to improve access to legal information for the public.

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Talking to Librarians about LawMatters: Promising Practices

The LawMatters program of Courthouse Libraries BC assists public libraries to provide legal information to the public. This report summarizes the findings of a phone survey of 20 public libraries conducted to identify ...
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Clicklaw Project Evaluation Report

This report presents an evaluation on Clicklaw, based on the original project goals and the 2011-2013 Courthouse Libraries BC strategic plan. Clicklaw aims to improve access to justice by providing British Columbians ...
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LawMatters At Your Local Public Library: A Report for Public Librarians

The LawMatters At Your Local Public Library Program helps public libraries enhance their legal information collections and provides training for public library staff. This report reviews the initial project's outcomes ...
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Understanding Settlement Work

This is a report on workshop findings and design implications for supporting the complex decision making landscape of immigrant settlement workers. The report makes recommendations on how the PLEI sector can support the ...
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