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Indigenous Law Research Unit (ILRU)

The Indigenous Law Research Unit (ILRU) is a dedicated research unit at the University of Victoria’s Faculty of Law committed to the recovery and renaissance of Indigenous laws. We believe Indigenous laws need to be taken seriously as laws. We partner with and support work by Indigenous peoples and communities to ascertain and articulate their own legal principles and processes, in order to effectively respond to today’s complex challenges.

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What is Indigenous Law?

An explanation of Indigenous Law.
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Recovering Indigenous Legal Systems & Governance

A presentation given to the 'Singing a New Song' conference hosted by the Church of St. John the Divine, Victoria, BC. Dr. Napoleon addresses the issue of Indigenous traditions of regulation and governance and how ...
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Indigenous Law Video on Demand

A series of short educational videos, which are accompanied by a video archive. The video series provides critically oriented introductions to important topics in the area of Indigenous law.
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