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Mediation Virtual Pro-Bono Clinic

Mediation Virtual Pro-Bono Clinic

Talk to a professional civil or family mediator and ask questions about mediation generally or about a specific conflict. Mediators can help you determine if mediation is appropriate, discuss timelines, cost and how to discuss going to mediation with the other party, in addition to other topics. Clinics are on the first Wednesday of the month and are free. Email for an appointment or drop in. More information on the website.

Abuse & family violence; Accidents & injuries; Alternatives to court; Business & non-profits; Children & teens; Conflict resolution; Consumer; Disabilities; Employment; Family law; Housing, tenancy & neighbours; Immigrants & refugees; Indigenous Peoples; Information or self-help; LGBTQ2S+; Personal planning; Seniors; Wills & estates; Women
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Conflict resolution; Information or self-help

All of BC
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Last updated March 09, 2021