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Find An Advocate British Columbia

Find An Advocate British Columbia

The Find an Advocate tool has been integral to PovNet’s goal of connecting people. When it first launched, it was to connect advocates working outside of Vancouver with others and with up to date resources. Today that remains to be the case, as advocates working in small or rural communities often work in isolation. Find an Advocate is also helpful for people who need assistance from a legal advocate, as it allows them to find one that is nearest to them or one that serves people provincially.

Abuse & family violence; Children & teens; Debt; Employment; Family law; Health; Housing, tenancy & neighbours; Legal help & lawyers; Pensions, benefits & welfare; Personal planning; Rights & citizenship; Taxes & finances; Wills & estates
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Legal advice, representation or advocacy

All of BC
language support
PovNet does not provide direct client support, but the services listed on Find an Advocate tool on our website do!
Last updated August 09, 2022