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Re-Envisioning Public Legal Education (PLEI)

Community and research-based insights about how to facilitate learning about the law in a way that supports movements for social justice. The report covers PLEI’s guiding principles, purposes, impacts, limitations, and ...
View PDF from West Coast LEAF

Online FLA Assistant

This website helps you fill out the forms needed to apply for family court orders. They are protection orders, parenting arrangements, child support, contact with a child, guardianship, spousal support, case management, ...
View website from BC Ministry of Attorney General

Hate speech and the law in British Columbia

This page answers common questions about hate speech based on the laws that are applicable in BC. Includes discriminatory speech, protected characteristics under the Criminal Code and BC's Human Rights Code, freedom of ...
View website from BC’s Office of the Human Rights Commissioner

Polyamorous Relationships and Family Law in Canada

This paper presents the early findings of a new study on perceptions of polyamory in Canada and explores how the domestic relations legislation of Canada’s common law provinces do and do not address the legal issues ...
View website from Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII)

Privacy and the BC vaccine card: FAQs

This two-pager tells you how the BC vaccine card and the Public Health Orders work together with the privacy laws in British Columbia. It does so by answering common questions about the implementation and protecting ...
View PDF from Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for BC (OIPC)

All About Mediation Infographic poster

A MyLawBC infographic poster that explains what mediation is, why you might want to use it to solve your differences instead of going to court, and where to find a mediator.
View PDF from Legal Aid BC

Problems at work

Practical guidance on dealing with a problem at work. Topics include tips for talking with your employer, tips on writing a letter to your employer, and the steps involved in making an employment standards complaint.
View website from People's Law School

Challenging a will

Practical information on your options for challenging a will. Topics include what’s involved in challenging a spouse or parent’s will based on fairness, and challenging the validity of a will.
View website from People's Law School


Practical information on your rights and responsibilities as a driver in BC. Topics include getting (and keeping) a driver’s licence, distracted driving, and what to do if you get a traffic ticket.
View website from People's Law School

Gladue and You

Plain language booklet describes Gladue principles that judges must apply at bail or sentencing when an Indigenous person is charged with a crime. Explains Gladue factors, colonialism, systemic discrimination, how ...
View PDF from Legal Aid BC