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Renovate the Public Hearing Project

Local governments must hold public hearings on regulating land use. The Renovate the Public Hearing Project seeks a better way to engage in land-use decision-making through law reform, public engagement, and considering ...
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User Testing for MyLawBC and Family Law Website Video Project: In-Person vs. using

Assessment of strengths and limitations of and comparing against the findings and experiences resulting from in-person testing of MyLawBC.
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Review of Parentage under Part 3 of the Family Law Act

This project will examine whether Part 3 of the Family Law Act is meeting it's goals in providing a complete scheme that addresses children equally, no matter whether the child was born through natural or assisted ...
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Online Training for Community-Based Intermediaries: Survey Findings and Implications

Feedback from community workers and other helping professionals about their online legal training needs and preferences. with conclusions and recommended next steps.
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MyLawBC Evaluation Report

Assess the efficacy of MyLawBC in terms of reaching target audiences, providing an accessible legal resource to users, providing users with needed legal information, and helping users resolve their legal issues.
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A Practical Guide to Elder Abuse and Neglect Law in Canada

The Practical Guide aims to: Introduce the concept of elder abuse, provide a summary of key laws relevant to elder abuse and neglect, identify obligations to respond to abuse, neglect and risk, identify key agencies to ...
View website from Canadian Centre for Elder Law (CCEL)

Needs Assessment: PLEI in Languages Other Than English

Review of the legal information needs of B.C.’s English as an Additional Language (EAL) speakers to identify gaps and to determine areas of improvement in the presentation and distribution of legal information to these ...
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Indigenous Public Legal Education and Information: Final Report and Recommendations

A consultation identifying the need for public legal education and information (PLEI) materials in Indigenous communities, with recommendations on various ways LSS can meet the needs of clients from Indigenous ...
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MyLawBC: Understanding Outcomes

Investigating the effectiveness of MyLawBC by examining the user journey and what appropriate benchmarks would be for users who complete visits to the MyLawBC website.
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Why Can't Everyone Just Get Along? How BC's Family Law System Puts Survivor in Danger

This report examined how the legal system responds to family violence, with a focus on the family court system since the enactment of the FLA. It proposes recommendations to make systemic and cultural change to the ...
View PDF from Rise Women's Legal Centre