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My landlord gave me an eviction notice. What can I do?
Last reviewed in July 2021 by the Clicklaw Editors.

Note: As of July 1, 2021, if a landlord wants to end a tenancy for extensive renovations or repairs, they need to apply for an Order of Possession from the Residential Tenancy Branch. Find out more about the process and your rights as a tenant.

The Residential Tenancy Act gives tenants the right to challenge all eviction notices. If you want to challenge the eviction, you need to be aware of the strict deadlines to apply for dispute resolution.

Good starting points include:
  • The Tenant Survival Guide, from TRAC, has a chapter on evictions.
  • Renting it Right, from TRAC, is an online course that covers disputing evictions in a section called "Ending a Tenancy". Includes a video about this topic.
  • Renting & co-ops, from People's Law School, has a section called "A playbook for tenants" that includes information about disputing a notice to end tenancy.

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